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4 Pre-Fall Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

4 Pre-Fall Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

Fall is the best time to get your HVAC system all geared up for the upcoming cold days. With that in mind, you need to know a few pre-fall maintenance tips for your HVAC system. Keeping a well-maintained HVAC system can improve its efficiency. For that reason, maintenance will also lower your utility bills, reduce chances of expensive breakdowns, and prolong the system’s life.

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4 Pre-Fall Maintenance Tips for your HVAC System

1. Clean or Replace Filters if Required

Regular inspection and cleaning of air filters improves airflow and increases your HVAC system’s efficiency. However, clogged filters reduce air quality and can cause blockage in the system. In order to avoid overspending on energy bills and repair work during season time, replace the air filter with a clean one monthly.

2. Inspect Ducts and Outdoor Units

Ducts require regular maintenance to ensure the quality of air and heat levels. Finding and mending worn-out insulation, leaks and other damage can increase the system’s energy efficiency. Also, outdoor units are more prone to damage and collect more debris. Therefore, it is essential to clean the unit thoroughly to sweep out debris from inside the vents and fans. In addition, you can check for any damage.

3. Get the System Warmed Up and Check for Leaks

Don’t wait for the cold to settle in! Start pre-heating your system beforehand at a low setting. This will speed up its heating process when you actually need it during winters. Also, inspect the heat pump thoroughly for unusual smells or noises as they may indicate an issue. In addition, feel for air leaks around doors and windows. By sealing any potential crevices with weather-stripping, you’ll make the home easier to keep warm with the onset of cold weather.

4. Schedule a Routine Maintenance Check

It would be best to get your HVAC system professionally checked twice a year to ensure its safe and efficient functioning. For that reason, pre-fall is the ideal time of the year. A routine inspection can help identify and eradicate any potential safety hazards which may hinder its operation. In this way, you may prevent unexpected (and costly) breakdowns. Also, maintenance helps to extend your system’s life and improves air quality and efficiency.


The pre-fall season is the perfect time to consider replacing and maintaining old HVAC systems. Following the above steps can make your transition from the hot summer to the winter season seamless. Additionally, it’ll help you avoid any costly breakdowns. Call Neal’s Heating & Air Conditioning for any questions at (706) 764-7185.