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3 HVAC Fall Tasks You Should Never Forget

HVAC Fall Tasks

Fall is the best time to perform routine HVAC maintenance and fixes. This will give you significant savings and improve your year-round comfort. For that reason, you may regret skipping over any of these essential tasks this fall. Keep reading to learn the most essential HVAC fall tasks.

3 Key HVAC Fall Tasks

1. AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is at the top of our fall to-do list. It has worked hard all summer season to keep you cool. For that reason, once the season is over, it’s time for cleaning and inspection. Maintaining and winterizing it is as vital as preparing your home for the coldest months of the year.

Your repair specialist will clean the entire system. In addition, they’ll replace any damaged parts so it will function correctly ‘til next summer.

Remember, cleaning is essential, especially if you reside in a dusty area or have pets inside. In case you need air conditioning repairs, call Neal’s Heating & Air.

2. Inspect Ducts & Vents

Another important fall task is to inspect your vents and duct for dust, mold, leaks, and debris. Leaky and moldy ducts can contaminate the indoor air and pose a serious health hazard. If they are dirty, you will be contaminating your home throughout the winter season.

The fall season is the best time of year to get your home’s air ducts well cleaned. Cleaning may even give you improved indoor air quality, enhanced energy efficiency, and savings.

3. Check Filters, Pulleys, & Belts

After a long summer season, wear and tear can result in dirty air filters, belts, and pulleys. Failing to maintain them all winter can be very dangerous to you.

Dirty filters can allow contaminants to enter your HVAC system. Worn out pulleys and belts can also crack on restarting your system again. Thus, it’s best to replace frayed pulleys and belts.

Clean air filters, belts, and pulleys don’t just improve indoor air quality and boost efficiency and performance. They also lower repair costs and extend lifespan. Set a calendar reminder to inspect and change your air filter every month.

Schedule HVAC Inspection & Maintenance at Neal’s Heating & Air Today

It’s vital to make sure all your heating equipment is in tip-top shape before winter comes. Schedule annual or biannual consultation with an experienced HVAC professional. Neal’s Heating & Air HVAC contractors can install, repair, and replace complete systems for your home. Doing these HVAC fall tasks can give you significant energy savings.

We can also perform regular inspections of HVAC systems to catch heating issues before they become serious. Choosing this family-run company for your HVAC maintenance can help you keep your system functioning at its optimal levels.