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Summer’s Coming: How Heat Affects Your HVAC System

Summer’s Coming How Heat Affects Your HVAC System

Now that hot summer days are just around the corner, this is the best time to prepare your HVAC system. You need to ensure that it can provide comfort at the time you need it the most. Summer’s coming – how heat affects your HVAC System can also affect you. Read on to discover exactly …

How Heat Affects Your HVAC System

In our region, heat leads directly to an increase in humidity.

The extremely hot and humid conditions means your HVAC system will need to work harder than normal to keep your home cool and comfortable. Normally, your air conditioner will be able to handle the humidity on its own. But when the temperature gets high, the humidity will also reach high levels that your system may not be able to handle.

If your home feels moist or smells damp, or if you see condensation on the windows, you will need to keep the humidity level at 60% to reduce the strain on your unit. Consider installing a stand-alone dehumidifier to keep the humidity at reasonable levels.

Other steps you can take include:

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

You may be tempted to dial up the thermostat during a severe heat wave. Unfortunately, this is not an energy-efficient way to cool the home. A high temperature setting can overwhelm the system and can cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Just set a baseline temperature you’re comfortable with, and turn on a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan helps to circulate the air and produces a “windchill effect” that makes you feel cooler, reducing your reliance on the air conditioner.

2. Prevent Overheating

The extreme heat will also take its toll on the condenser component of your HVAC system. Keep it clean by hosing down the unit with water and removing any form of obstructions such as leaves, branches, dust, and debris.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your system will need to perform harder during the summer, which can result in overloading and malfunctioning.

Remember that your air conditioner is just like a car. It will perform well, but only if you take care of it. Make sure to change your filters and schedule a maintenance checkup with Neal’s Heating & Air before the start of the cooling and heating seasons.

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