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Keep Your Air Conditioner from Freezing This Summer

It’s happened to all of us, mid-summer heat in Georgia can be unbearable so you crank up the AC and the next thing you know, it’s stopped working. When you take a look, the unit is frozen.  Then it’s time to call the professionals for air conditioning repairs in Ringgold, GA in mid-july.

Waiting for the unit to thaw out while you sweat is never fun.  So, why does it freeze and what can you do to stop it?

air conditioning repairs in Ringgold, GA

Possible Cause 1 – Air Flow

There may be restricted air-flow in your home. When there’s no air moving through the air conditioning system, there is nothing to keep the condensation on the coil from freezing.  The culprit is usually dirty filters.

What to do: If you think air flow is the culprit and you don’t yet want to start calling all of the heating and air conditioning companies in Ringgold, GA, the first thing to do is switch off your unit to start the defrosting. Turn on the fan. Let it run for 60 to 90 minutes. Change your air filter during this time and check for any blocked vents. After it’s finished defrosting, turn your air conditioner back on and it should start working again.

Prevention: Check your filters monthly and change them when they appear dirty. In the summer, when your unit is working hard, go ahead and change them monthly no matter what.  Ensure no air vents are blocked with furniture.

Possible Cause 2 – Freon

Your HVAC system may be low on Freon which is used as a refrigerant. This is usually a sign of a leak, which is bad. Your home’s cooling system should never leak, it’s a sealed system.

What to do: When you have a leak, it’s time to call heating and air conditioning companies in Ringgold, GA.  You will either have to repair or replace your unit, depending on its age and condition.

Prevention:  Inspect your HVAC unit regularly, if you ever see signs of a leak, call Neal’s Heating and Air for air conditioning repairs in Ringgold, GA immediately.

Possible Cause 3 – Mechanical Problems

It is possible mechanical problems with your unit or a kinked line or clogged filter drier could be the cause of your freezing unit.

What to do: If any of these are responsible you will need to immediately call for help, as a HVAC technician will be necessary for these air conditioning repairs in Ringgold, GA.

Prevention: Schedule twice a year maintenance to make sure your unit is in working order. All heating and air conditioning companies in the Ringgold, GA area such as Neal’s Heating and Air can work with you to schedule an appointment at your convenience.