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Why You Should Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor

hire a licensed hvac contractor

Knowing why you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor could save you an expensive headache. Because not all contractors provide equally good service. Because the cheapest quote often leads to the lowest quality work.

Because licensing is in place to protect homeowners.

Your HVAC system is too important to trust an unlicensed tech with. Just like you’d choose a licensed home builder, you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect your comfort system. The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t care about building codes and machine requirements messing with your expensive heating and cooling system. If something goes wrong, you risk a lot.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor.

1. To Stay Safe

Every year, building codes prevent dangerous problems from poor work. Yes, the standards can seem to get in your way. But they also help keep your heating and cooling system installation and repair from going wrong. The bad news is that some HVAC contractors don’t bother with code. Because standards are so important, some unlicensed HVAC contractors will claim to be licensed.

Two things can happen if heating and air work is done badly. First, cool and warm air will escape before it gets to your vents. This takes the efficiency right out of your system. But that’s nothing compared to bad installation of electrical components. Fire risk, electrical shorts, or quick system failure are all possible with unlicensed installation.

You should hire a licensed HVAC contractor so you have guaranteed quality work – for your own safety.

2. To Save Money

Heat transfer needs to be efficient. Your energy use depends on whether your system is installed properly. In addition, with poor HVAC installation and repair, components can fail sooner. That unlicensed HVAC contractor probably has a lower quote. He might be a great guy. But his work will likely cost you more money in the long run.

3. To Protect Yourself

Insurance? What’s insurance? Unlicensed heating and air contractors can’t guarantee their work. Without a license, no insurer will cover them for liability or worker’s comp. So, what happens if an unlicensed HVAC tech gets hurt at your home? As the homeowner, your insurance will probably have to pay.

Best-case scenario: your homeowner’s insurance rate will rise. If the worst happens, you could be sued by the contractor. Because licensed HVAC contractors in our area always carry worker’s comp, choose one and protect your financial security.

How Do I Know if My Contractor is Licensed?

When you hire a licensed HVAC contractor, they’ll be able to show you a copy of their license. Only accept a legitimate copy – one that bears the state seal and is properly signed. Never simply accept their word. You need proof. Your licensed contractor is held to a legal and ethical standard that’s backed up by real consequences.

Need to hire a licensed HVAC contractor? Neal’s Heating and Air is fully licensed and insured. And our techs undergo continuing education to stay current with local codes and industry standards. Give Neal’s a call for quality heating and air system installation.