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Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Mini Split- Dalton GA

Here at Neal’s Heating and Air Conditioning, our opinion of Ductless heat pumps is that they are the wave of the future when it comes to air conditioning. And we’re the trusted and dependable company to services it in Dalton and other North Georgia cities. In many other countries the conversion from standard, ducted, central heating and air conditioning systems has already been made and the ductless systems are the “norm” instead of the “new thing”.

What makes them so great?

Just a few of many advantages are

1) Efficiency: These little machines are built on inverter technology , which in turn only runs on the demand that is needed. 

In comparison to our traditional systems, (e.g.) If you have a 3 ton unit and your thermostat is set at 72 ductless mini splitdegrees when the room temp. reaches 73 the 3 ton unit comes on and it runs until it meets the desired temp.. This may be necessary on a peek summer day with outdoor temps of 95 degrees, but how many hours a year could you get by with less than 3 ton? That is the advantage of inverter technology if 1.5 ton is enough than these systems will run at that capacity if more is needed than it has the capability of doing so as well but only if it’s needed. A very Awesome concept! which leads directly to the next advantage….

2) Improved Indoor Air Quality.:

How? The system again only runs at the demand needed. Actually they are almost constantly circulating air, and only producing the btu’s needed which helps keep the large amount of cool/or warm air from being dumped into the area at a more rapid pace. This in turn creates a very comfortable atmosphere in the home. This leads to advantage #3

3) Each zone can be set at different temps. (in multi- head/units systems only)


E.g. a 4 head system… one head in the living room area, one in  the kitchen dining, one in the master bdr. area, and one servicing the 2 other bedrooms. The living room could be set at 74 degrees, kitchen/dining @ 72 / mst. bdr. at 68 / and other rooms at 75/ or any other type of scenario. some could be off, or some in heat, some in cool, all at the same time. This is another amazing feature which in turn results in added comfort and efficiency.

These are just a few of several advantages these machines offer. Many people ask ” how well do they heat?.” Again this is a feature that has literally astonished me. The brands of  systems that we use  are still producing 100% BTU value at 5 degreed F., in the standard models. There are hyper heat models that continue to produce 100% at below 0 temperatures. Quite amazing little machines to say the least. For more information or details, visit our contact page or give us a call. We will be glad to answer or find the answers to any questions that you may have.