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Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

fall maintenance

HVAC systems take a beating during the summer.  There’s no avoiding it; hot air must be cooled and dehumidified in every home, and appliances like humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilators run practically nonstop to keep your family comfortable.  But what you may not realize is that HVAC units need some rest and relaxation too – specifically, proper maintenance before winter hits.

Here are some tips for HVAC fall care:

Clean all filters (heating & cooling) once a month during the heating season.  

Change them if they look dirty or dusty or clogged with pet hair or anything else.  Be sure to treat your HVAC unit as the expensive appliance it is by maintaining it for long-term health. Filters are an easy fix!

Check for any air leaks in your HVAC unit and seal them.  

If you smell gas or hear the pilot light going out often, call HVAC technicians for help – that’s not something to mess with! Check around the HVAC ductwork for air leaks as well.

Do a full checkup of your HVAC unit before winter sets in.  

This includes looking at all parts inside and outside the HVAC unit for any issues.   Hire HVAC technicians if there are any problems or if anything needs replacing.  You can prevent expensive HVAC repairs by maintaining your system properly, and this is the perfect time to do it!

Cleaning up leaves and debris helps down dust on HVAC filtrations systems both inside and outside.

Be sure to check outdoors around your unit to make sure nothing is blocking the ventilation. Check inside also around your air returns to make sure nothing is blocking them.

Check your coils.

HVAC technicians recommend cleaning your HVAC unit yearly both inside and out, but you can give the coils a good scrub with water mixed with some HVAC cleaner or mild soap to help get rid of any excess dirt.  Be careful not to damage the coils when doing this though.

Check your HVAC system’s temperature settings.

By winterizing it now, you’ll make sure that the HVAC unit doesn’t freeze up during cold weather and break down completely due to freezing temperatures in your home. You should also change all your heater settings from cooling mode to heating mode, and adjust your thermostat accordingly before putting on winter covers for extra protection against dust and debris buildup around the outside unit.

Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes the colder weather. This means that everyone should be preparing their HVAC units for winter. We’ve provided a checklist of items to inspect to ensure your unit remains in good working order this season. If you would like help getting your HVAC unit ready for fall or any other time during the year, get in touch with our team at Neal’s Heating and Air. Our professionals are happy to provide free quotes on all services we offer!