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Don’t Ignore Your Heating System During Winter

Now that winter is here, your heating system is working extra hard to keep your home warm and cozy. A properly working furnace or heating pump is an absolute must once the temperatures start dropping. For that reason, don’t ignore your heating system during winter!

You need to have a reliable system to get you through the harshest weather in North Georgia. Achieve the level of comfort that you and your loved ones deserve by making sure your equipment is up to speed with these tips:

1. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

To make your heating system work more efficiently, you need to have it serviced by a professional heating company like Neal’s Heating & Air.

Make sure to have it looked at least once a year, preferably before the start of the cooling season. Aside from cleaning up the system, we can detect leaks and other signs of damage early on and fix them right away.

2. Keep your System Clean

You can also do some form of maintenance on your own. Wipe the equipment down and make sure it is free from dirt and debris. You also need to replace filters and clean vents. Make sure that nothing is obstructing the air vents, and that they are opened all the way.

If you are using a traditional HVAC unit, you can winterize your condenser with a waterproof cover. But if you’re using a heat pump, you don’t need to do this because you’ll be using it throughout the year. It is also important to remove leaves and branches from the outside unit. After a heavy storm, remove any snow buildup that may have accumulated.

3. Test your Thermostat

Make sure that the temperature you set your thermostat to is the correct one for the home. If not, consider investing in a smart thermostat that picks up your habits and automates your temperature in an energy-efficient way. It will increase the heat when you’re at home and awake, and dial it down when you’re away or asleep.

4. Insulate the Home

Check the insulation of your home to see if warm air is able to escape. Weatherstrip the doors and windows to ensure insulation is still effective. Doing so will reduce the amount of energy required to heat the home and will lower your utility bill.

No one wants to be left out in the cold. During this time of the year, a malfunction on your heating system can cause serious discomfort and health problems for the entire family. Contact Neal’s Heating & Air so we can check your system immediately!