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5 Easy Steps to Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall

Steps to Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall


The days are getting shorter and temperatures are starting to drop. Now that fall is in full swing, winter is just around the corner. And we know what that means! It’s time to prepare your home for the cold weather. In addition, make sure your heat pump can handle the additional workload. Just follow these steps to get your heat pump ready for fall.

5 Steps to Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall

1. Replace Your Air Filters

A dirty filter will block the airflow. In doing so, it’ll increase the load on your system. It will also increase your energy consumption as well.

For that reason, the easiest – and most important – way to maintain your heat pump is by regularly changing its air filters once a month. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma or have a pet at home, then you may need to change it more frequently.

2. Check Outdoor Unit’s Environment

Pay a visit to your outdoor unit from time to time. You’ll need to remove any branches, leaves, or debris that may have accumulated on the top and area around it. In addition, remove ice or snow from the top.

3. Inspect Your Doors and Windows

Seal gaps between doors and windows and their frames to lessen the air that escapes. As you seal those gaps, you’ll help to minimize the amount of energy it takes to warm your home. Caulking and weather stripping will make sure your home is airtight.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

If you haven’t already done so, make the switch to a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can learn your heating and cooling requirements. It will also automatically adjust the system.

If you are using a conventional thermostat, you can keep it at the lowest possible comfortable temperature to save on your energy bill.

5. Schedule a Tune-up

Your heat pump technically works all year round. However, during the winter season when the colder weather hits, your system works harder than ever.

For that reason, sign up for a maintenance contract with Neal’s Heating & Air. It’s best to get started before the frigid temperatures start. Joining our Comfort Club will help ensure that your heat pump will perform at its best once winter comes.

A technician will come over to assess the performance of your heat pump. If there is a need for repair, they will also take care of it on the spot.

Get Ready for Winter Season

Of course, we all know one of the first steps to get your heat pump ready for fall. Make sure to have it checked by a professional.

As one of the leading HVAC service companies in North Georgia, Neal’s Heating & Air can ensure your equipment is up to the task of warming your home. Please give us a call at (706) 764-7185 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.