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Prepare These 3 Areas of Your Home For Winter

Prepare These 3 Areas of Your Home For Winter

Changing leaves, college sports, warm fires, and delicious food add up perfectly to make the fall season an enjoyable time of year. But winter next up on the horizon! That means it’s important for us to prepare our homes for the dropping temperatures. In order to stay warm and combat energy costs, make sure to prepare these 3 areas of your home for winter.


Prepare These 3 Areas of Your Home For Winter

Check the following 3 areas of your home to ensure you’re prepared for the coming winter.


1. Doors, Windows, Fireplace, Gutters.

Seal any leaks in your home. It’s an important first step to keep cold air outside and warm air inside. Installing caulk around leaky windows, or weather stripping around doorways is inexpensive, and it makes a big impact on your energy bill.

When you’re not using your fireplace, the flue should close well enough to prevent airflow. However, if it can’t, consider investing in a flue sealer.

Cleaning your gutters prevents water from building up in them, freezing, and then making its way under the roof and down the walls of your home.


2. Heating And Ventilation System.

Prepare your heating system to handle the increased workload. In other words, clean the filter, seal any duct leaks, and make any needed repairs or adjustments. A trusted HVAC technician from Neal’s can inspect, clean, and repair your system to ensure that it’s prepared well to run at peak efficiency.

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3. Plumbing

When pipes freeze, they burst, and the damage is costly to fix. Thoroughly insulate any pipes that are vulnerable to freezing. Pay close attention to pipes in the basement, attic, or that lead outdoors. Even when you’re away from home, it’s worth it to keep your home warm enough to prevent pipes from bursting.

To help your heating system run more efficiently this winter, and to figure out how you can maximize your energy and cost savings, call Neal’s Heating and Air at (706) 764-7185 or schedule your free inspection online today. We’ll be happy to help you prepare your home for winter.