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Do You Need a Single Stage AC Unit or a Two Stage AC Unit?

Georgia’s summer heat would be unbearable without air conditioning.  If your HVAC system is on its last legs, it may be time to invest in a new unit before it breaks down beyond the ability of air conditioning repairs in LaFayette, GA, and you are left without one in the dog days of summer.  However, the type of unit you choose can make a difference in how comfortable your home is. Heat and air conditioning companies in LaFayette, GA sell HVAC systems with either a single stage or two stage air conditioner.  Learn about each option before you make your choice.

What Is a Single Stage AC Unit?

air conditioning repairs in LaFayette, GA

Single stage air conditioning units can only run at one speed – high. This means your air conditioning system alternates between blowing very cold air at full capacity, and shutting off. Like a car, your air conditioner uses the most power when it turns on, using less power while running. The constant on and off uses large amounts of energy and also creates more wear and tear on the system, meaning you are more likely to need air conditioning repairs in LaFayette, GA.

How Is the Two Stage Different?

Two-stage compressors have two speeds – high and low. This allows the system to pump cool air continuously, rarely stopping and starting. By having your system running longer at a lower speed, you are reducing your energy usage and bill. This also reduces indoor humidity, a blessing in Georgia.

The  increased efficiency also prolongs the life of your HVAC system, reducing maintenance costs. Heating and air conditioning companies in Lafayette, GA report higher customer satisfaction and comfort with two stage units.  The consistency of the air flow provided means the two stage systems provide more comfortable air than single-stage systems, which either blow intense, cold air or none at all.

Air Conditioning in LaFayette, GA

Single stage air conditioning units are less expensive than two stage units, so if your budget is tight, a single stage unit makes more sense and will keep your home satisfyingly cool.

However, if you can afford the more expensive two stage system or are able to finance it, a two stage system will offer greater comfort and will long-term cost less due to energy savings.  Neal’s Heating and Air is the leader of the heating and air conditioning companies in LaFayette, GA.  Call or email us today for a one-on-one consultation about your cooling needs.